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Welcome to the Youth Page


 Ninth Street Baptist Church!

In the youth program here at Ninth Street, our desire is to grow young people in their walk with Jesus Christ. We hope every young person experiences the truths that God loves them and that living for God is a daily walk with Him and they are cared for!

In addition to the Sunday School classes for grades 7 through 12,  and Regular Sunday Worship Services,  we have a weekly meeting  on Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 7:30 pm. The weekly meeting, includes a lesson or devotion that is relevant to youth. This is a time for all to share prayer concerns with a dinner. Also included are,  indoor or outdoor games, music, or drama. We want our youth to develop fellowship with Christ and other young people that will build a relationship with God and others.

Other Special Youth Events


This weekend event (Ridgecrest – North Carolina) is often a spiritual summit, as teens are challenged to live for God.

Outings and Events

We provide scheduled outings for our youth, including trips to waterparks, bowling, Christian plays/performances, zoos and more! For outings that take us away from the church, each person under 18 must have a liability release form signed by their parent or guardian.

Mystery Lunches

These are casual lunches that are periodically held after morning worship services on Sundays, that give youth the opportunity to share with each other and have fun.  No one knows the destination until we arrive!

For more information about these and other programs for youth at Ninth Street Baptist Church, or if you have questions about this list, please e-mail